Bring ocean science to the classroom!

“We’ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements… profoundly depend on science and technology.”

-Carl Sagan

You can donate to help support marine and environmental science in schools across the United States.  This is an annual science blogosphere initiative that has resulted in thousands of dollars to help fund classroom science projects.  So here’s how it works:  teachers put together a project proposal for their class and send it over to Donors Choose, an online charity (501(c)3 charity to be precise).  The projects are reviewed and posted;  donors then can choose the projects which they wish to donate to.

View the classroom projects in need here.  Help promote scientific literacy!

Thanks to Kevin Zelnio and rest of the Deep Sea News and Southern Fried Science team for putting this together!


Image:  Deep-sea anemone in the Gulf of Mexico.  Credit: NOAA Ocean Explorer on Flickr (cc).


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