Photography from the Shackleton Expedition

The NPR blog, The Picture Show, has a great post and series of images up today about Frank Hurley.  Hurley sailed to Antarctica with Sir Ernest Shackleton on the Endurance expedition as a photographer in 1914.  After the Endurance became trapped, Hurley and Shackleton picked a mere 120 of the weighty photographic plates to bring with them, leaving the rest along with Hurley’s color photography gear.  The below images were captured by Hurley, who visited Antarctica six times between 1911 and 1932, using glass Paget plate phototransparency.

The images above can be accessed on The State Library of New South Wales’ Flickr page (no known copyright restrictions for this set).  You can view more of Hurley’s photography from the expedition there, and at the NPR article mentioned.

h/t Jad Abumrad on Twitter.  Jad is a host of Radiolab, easily my favorite podcast (but you can find an actual station too!).


One thought on “Photography from the Shackleton Expedition

  1. hi,ive been browsing the web for information on Mr Frank Hurley and i hope that if this is of any importance to you or anyone you know then you will please contact me.I was working on a house in Birmingham England a couple of years ago when i spotted a nice picture someone had thrown into a bin.I retreived it and thought that my mother might like it so i gave it to her.The next day she called me round and she had took the pigture out the frame and hidden in the back was a original photograph of some penguins and a ship.It had a personal message written on the back and it was signed Frank Hurley.I assume this was a picture taken on an expedition and given to someone special.I can of course ellaborate and tell you more if you can contact me on the email below.thanks for your time. Chris Strang.

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