On the precipice

Gorgonian and dive-Doug Anderson on Flickr-CCatttr-non$

Over the next few weeks, I am/will continue to be feverishly running analyses and writing up my Masters.  So Uncharted Atolls will be on a temporary hiatus.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of my favorite recent-ish articles in the ‘Suggested Reading’ list over there on the right. Also, here’s a short list of some excellent (if I do say so myself) sciency reading suggestions that I occasionally still find time to enjoy:

Deep-Sea News

Not Exactly Rocket Science

I’m a Chordata!  Urochordata!

Southern Fried Science

Wired‘s network of science blogs

Sea Monster

Culturing Science

If you like podcasts, RadioLab is wonderful.  And don’t forget the links in the sidebar (again, to the right)!

On my bedside table, there’s Darwin’s Armada:  Four Voyages and the Battle for the Theory of Evolution by Iain McCalman, occasionally interspersed with Stephen Pinker’s The Stuff of Thought, generously gifted by the Southern Fried Science trio (hurray for filling out surveys!).

I can be found occasionally on Twitter.

Image:  Doug Anderson on Flickr (cc)


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