Uncharted Atolls is a commentary on a range of issues concerning the natural world.  Topics discussed here are broadly centered around ecology, conservation and global change biology, especially in the oceans.  Politics and culture enter the fray as well.  This online soapbox seeks to do its own small part in promoting greater scientific literacy, showing the interdisiplinary nature of asking fundamental questions about nature, and generally to serve as an outlet to talk about science and other interesting things.

Much of the material appearing here at Uncharted Atolls is either directly about or informed by peer- reviewed scientific literature.  Peer review is a system in which scientists vet papers before they are published, helping to ensure quality and originality.  You can learn more about this system in this excellent leaflet [PDF] from Sense About Science.


About the author:  I’m Dusty Long.  I am a graduate student working within ecology and biological oceanography.  I drink entirely too much coffee and am particularly fond of studying anthozoans.  For more about me, you can check out my homepage.  I can also be occasionally found on Twitter.